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Nick-CraneEmpower Your Child With Self-Defense, Safety Education and The A,B,C’s of conflict Avoidance.

Dear Parent,

What if I told you that our program could help your child develop better focus, confidence and discipline, GUARANTEED!

Hello, my name is Robert Jones and I am the owner of one of the most successful martial arts schools in the area, the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts. I have been teaching Martial arts for over 20 years and my goal is to get the great art to everyone in the United States. At least for them to have the opportunity to train this system which has changed my life. Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy and spirit. You’ll be amazed as they become unstoppable in their quest for:

Greater Academic Accomplishments – Superb Attitude – Fitness – Unshakable Self-Respect – Personal Achievement – Improved Self-discipline and Self- confidence

Your Child’s Biggest Challenge Comes From:

Their Fears and Self-Doubts. And it’s this limited way of thinking that is all around them that holds them back more than anything.

      ‘I am not good as John.’

      ‘I never get what the teacher is saying’

      ‘Other kids are getting all the breaks’

      ‘How come I can’t be as popular as Jill?’

      ‘I am not good at this, It’s just not for me.’

      ‘How come that kid keeps picking on me?’

The list goes on and on. The question is: How can your child defend themselves against these attacks everyday?

When your child uses the discipline of martial-arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that to all other areas of life. Martial-Arts lessons are the best way for your child to develop a continued feeling of confidence and achievement. When it is time for them to move up in rank we require they have your permission and the permission of their school teacher. That is just one of the ways we encourage good academic performance.

3 Problems Our Martial Arts School Solves

  • Does Not Listen to Parents: How many times do you have to tell your child to get ready for bed or clean their room? The fact is you shouldn’t have to tell them at all. They should know and just do it. That’s right. They should just do it. We call that self-discipline and it’s one of the first things we teach our young students at the Academy of Kempo Karate . Your FREE Report will reveal how you can get your child to do what they are told the FIRST TIME.
  • Has No Confidence: Is it any wonder? Too much TV, not enough discipline. Confidence comes from knowing what you are capable of and doing it.
  • Watches Too Much TV: TV is one of the world’s greatest motivator killers ever invented. Did you know that the average child watches 6 hours of TV a day?! If they spent that time doing homework or exercising, you wouldn’t have a problem. The trick is to find an exercise that is fun, a good work out, and teaches something useful.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to schedule an appointment to see if we can “walk the talk.”
Watch How Your Child develops the “I Can”, “I Will” attitude that will, more than anything, set them apart and make them a leader!