The Most Crucial Part Of Any Martial Arts School.
The Instructor!

The instructors make the school. Your success as a student depends completely on the instructor and how they teach. At most schools you’ll be taught by some part-time teacher that is teaching to fund his way through school. At Kung-Fu all our instructors are Full-time teachers and devote their time into helping you reach your goals. You’ll learn more with our instructors through their knowledge of not only the art of fighting, but also the history of Kung-Fu and the culture behind it.

Teach And Learn Only One Style

If you have trained before at another school using a different style, then you will most likely have experienced first hand how hard it is to learn two styles at the same time. Often times Martial Arts schools will have 2 or 3 Master Instructors, and each one has a proficiency in a different style. One day you’re learning Tai Kwon Do, another Ju Jitsu, and another Akido. All similar styles, but different enough to be confusing.

At Kung-Fu, we only teach Shaolin Kung-Fu. We teach only the approved stances, grips, lessons, and sets associated with this style and only in the method that is approved by the founders. It is a much better idea to become a master of 1 style than a student of many when it comes to Martial Arts. Our students follow a strictly outlined method of learning Kung-Fu.

See The Master In Action

At Kung-Fu, because we only teach 1 on 1 lessons we can offer a better way to see the instructor on the mat. We want you to experience the art of Kung-Fu at no risk. We will give you 2 full weeks of lessons FREE. This way you will see what it is like to train with a Kung-Fu master and see the difference it will make in your life. You will be given all that you need to take the lessons. They will work with you at whatever level you come in at. Classes are filling up so sign up today for your FREE lessons.