Kung-Fu Practice

Something You Probably Didn’t Know
About  When Taking Kung-Fu Lessons


Kung Fu StickMost Schools only give you the choice to train in large groups. They often mix children in with adults. Since everyone learns at different rates this is the worst way to learn a Martial Art.

At Kung-Fu You will be taught privately on a one-on-one basis with a professional full time instructor whose job it is to get you the exact results that you want. By learning in a private lesson you have a far less chance of getting injured and demoralized by someone out of control.

This method also accelerates your learning up to 62% faster, so what most people learn in 6 months you will learn in 2. You will learn at your own rate so you don’t need to worry about being pushed too hard, or about getting bored. We always go at your rate.

Kung Fu Is An Art That Influences Every Aspect Of Your Life

The Kung-Fu art comes from the Shaolin. The art and philosophy is more than 1500 years old. You will learn many ways9641542920_27aafa4ab1_o to improve how to live. Stress will decrease and you will feel a new energy. This will show in all aspects of life, whether it be at home, work, or on the mat.

In the majority of Martial Arts schools there are 2 ways to increase in rank. The first is belt test and the second is tournaments, or to say it more plainly; beat a belt of a higher rank on the mat in front of a crowd and a judge.

At Kung-Fu we do not participate in tournaments. Our experience is that they provide a false sense of security and encourage aggressiveness. For example, if a yellow belt beats an orange belt, now the yellow belt feels like he can beat all orange belts. Often times, this yellow belt will now feel like he is better than other yellow belts, and treat them with disrespect. Who is to say that the orange belt was simply off, or maybe just not as trained as he/she needed to be?

Kung-Fu students learn that Kung-Fu is an art that is not to be displayed publicly unless absolutely required, and then only to disarm or incapacitate. It should never be used to boast of one’s abilities or “prove” something. It has been proven over and over, that martial art students who deviate from this thinking almost always end up getting hurt by a more skilled student because they picked a fight.

Even A Mom Of 5 Can Fit This Into Her Schedule

It is ofte10917368563_bfb30735e0_on hard to find time to go to the gym once a month, let alone a weekly Kung-Fu lesson. Not to worry. We work with you in making time for your personal training. We have night and day classes and we can accommodate your personal schedule. Not finding time in your day shouldn’t be what holds you back from reaching your potential in Kung-Fu.

We will prove it to you that you will gain self confidences, be in better shape, increase stamina, and feel relieved of stress. Kung-Fu can take you to the places where you want to go. You will feel greater inner peace and be able to take control any situation you find yourself in.