Kung Fu Training – Moving Meditation

I enjoy any form of training.

But the training that seems to do the most for my mind and body are the breathing forms.

Here is a 1.20 min. clip of last Saturday. After the noon class I cleaned the school and then trained for about two hours. All breathing forms.

I really did not plan the two hours it really only felt like a half hour. That is what I like about training the breath. Moving meditation puts you in a high state of focus on movement and you just forget about everything but training.

Sunday Morning Distraction

Meditation Man

I woke up and decided to do some focus attention exercises.  I decided to just count my breath.  To keep my attention on my breathing.

I never made it to the number 10 without my thoughts going somewhere else.  Since I can normally do this one exercise for 15 minutes, less than 10 breaths was really bad.

I got up and did a quick 5 minute warm-up that we teach to all our students and one small breathing form that takes only 2 minutes.

I went back to the focused attention exercise, no problem.

Even the most basic exercises can help you stay focused.  In this case, less than 7 minutes.

But if I had not tried to keep my attention focused on my breath, I would of never knew how unfocused I was.

The benefit is that I am now focused and calm and awake!

Give it a try.  See how long you can count your breath before you are thinking of something else.  And yes it is normal for your mind to drift during this exercise, but if you lose focus completely and forget what number your on then you have to start again.  If you gently remind yourself to come back to your breath then that is fine.

Then get up and do some basic exercises.  Any kind will do.  Then come back to the focus drill and see how much better you do.

Train Often, Train Hard, Train Smart

Master Jones