Teaching Kids Focus with Martial Arts

Are you looking for ways you can teach your child to focus?

Focus and Martial Arts and Kung fu If so, consider martial arts. Activities like kung fu and other martial arts styles offer a fun, exciting way for kids to achieve focus and improved fitness.

Martial arts offer an excellent way to teach any child focus, but it’s particularly helpful for kids who deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These kids often have difficulty with concentration, focus and self-control, and martial arts programs teach these important skills.

Typical martial arts classes include practicing blocks, punches and kicks, and these physical exercises require attention, concentration and focus. Through waiting, bowing and listening to the individual in command, kids learn respect and focus, which often improves school performance as well.

Regular martial arts training can help children learn the importance of discipline in focus, not only in martial arts, but also in every part of life. Not only do kids learn the importance of focus, but they also learn how to be focused.

Of course, while teaching kids focus with martial arts is an excellent idea, parents also need to continue teaching focus and discipline at home. If you’re working to teach your children how to be more focused, the following are some helpful resources:

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If you are looking to help teach your child focus there is no better way than martial arts and kung fu is one of the best ways to help your child learn this important skill.  If you live in the Bellevue, WA or Federal Way area, please be my guest for a free 2 weeks of class and a private evaluation and see first hand how we change people’s lives every day in every class.

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Focus – How To Change Your Attitude

Where you put your focus will have a profound effect on your attitude.

kung fu focus and attitude If you focus on what can’t be done, then you are going to be thinking and acting in a certain way.

If you put your focus on what can be done and what you can learn from what has been done, then you are going to see more solutions and actions you can take.

So, another way to change and train your attitude would be to learn to focus on the right things at the right time. Spending 5 minutes focusing on negative thoughts will breed more of those thoughts.  Five minutes on what can be done about what’s bothering you will result in thoughts that you can take action on.

If you want to change your attitude and you want to change it fast.  Start by asking the right questions.  Questions that empower.  Then put your focus on what needs to get done to change the situation.  It can happen very fast.  When you see very productive people working you will see this principle put in practice.

Henry Ford and the V8.  His focus never moved from having it done.  They told him it was impossible, he said do it.

Thomas Edison and the incandescent light.  He never took his focus off his goal.  Even after 1000’s of unsuccessful attempts.

If at any time they turned their focus on what wasn’t working or why it could not be done, the world would be a different place.

Put your focus on things that you can take action on like:

  • Results
  • Tasks to get the results
  • Resources to help get the results
  • The motivation of why it is important to you to do
  • The end results
  • The goal

Just focus your thoughts on what you need to do to move forward and start doing it.  You will be amazed at how fast this can turn your attitude and mindset around.

Need a practical exercise to understand this?

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.

On the left side of it write down what’s bothering you or stressing you.  Or you can write down the negative comments and questions you ask yourself.

On the right side, at the top, put the heading ACTIONS.

Then list all the things you could do, no matter how impossible, that would change the situation or move you closer to your goal.

Then pick a few that seem right to you and break them down into simple steps and do one or two of them.  In a matter of minutes you will have gone from a reactive mindset to a proactive mindset.

Change your mindset and you change your attitude and the world around you changes.  Start with yourself.  Make yourself a better person and the world improves by one person.

That is something we all have the power to do.

Sunday Morning Distraction

Meditation Man

I woke up and decided to do some focus attention exercises.  I decided to just count my breath.  To keep my attention on my breathing.

I never made it to the number 10 without my thoughts going somewhere else.  Since I can normally do this one exercise for 15 minutes, less than 10 breaths was really bad.

I got up and did a quick 5 minute warm-up that we teach to all our students and one small breathing form that takes only 2 minutes.

I went back to the focused attention exercise, no problem.

Even the most basic exercises can help you stay focused.  In this case, less than 7 minutes.

But if I had not tried to keep my attention focused on my breath, I would of never knew how unfocused I was.

The benefit is that I am now focused and calm and awake!

Give it a try.  See how long you can count your breath before you are thinking of something else.  And yes it is normal for your mind to drift during this exercise, but if you lose focus completely and forget what number your on then you have to start again.  If you gently remind yourself to come back to your breath then that is fine.

Then get up and do some basic exercises.  Any kind will do.  Then come back to the focus drill and see how much better you do.

Train Often, Train Hard, Train Smart

Master Jones