Kung Fu Training – Moving Meditation

I enjoy any form of training.

But the training that seems to do the most for my mind and body are the breathing forms.

Here is a 1.20 min. clip of last Saturday. After the noon class I cleaned the school and then trained for about two hours. All breathing forms.

I really did not plan the two hours it really only felt like a half hour. That is what I like about training the breath. Moving meditation puts you in a high state of focus on movement and you just forget about everything but training.

18 Temple Motions

Here are the first 18 temple motions.  I love this form.  It is slow and flows form one defensive move to another.  There are literally hundreds of variations and defensive moves with this form.

It is easy to learn but takes years to figure out.  My instructor had me practice 10 different applications form each one.  That is 180 self-defense movements from this form.  Since then I have found so many more that I have lost count.  I was once in a class when I was a student and watched my instructor do 70 different applications from the first motion, Calming the Ocean.  The one I remember the most was how he used it to defend against a flying side heel thrust.

I often tell my students if I could only teach them one thing then this would be it.

Why?  Because it holds most of the defense moves within the form.  True there are very little offensive moves in this form, but anybody can throw a punch or a kick.  Even without training most people know how to strike out.

I ran this through a editing program to make it a little less boring, but all 18 are still there.

I practice this form at least once a day.  It takes very little time, 60 seconds if I go through it with flow and about 180 seconds or so if I add breathing.  Either way it is well worth the time.  If I were to practice the 180 self-defense moves form this form, well that would take a full workout.  I like to think of the forms as a way to practice all the self-defense and stepping you need in the shortest time possible.