It ‘s All in Your Posture


Maybe you have seen this drawing on the internet or in magazines?

In many cases, our posture determines how much quality we get out of our movements.  In other words, starting from a good posture allows us to move through our natural range of motions with less wear and tear on our bodies and more quality of movement.

If we are starting from a bad position we are going to most likely end in a bad position.  With any repetitive motion, such as martial arts or any sport, the more we do from an incorrect position the harder it is to make the necessary changes we need to do to stay injury free.

A good fitness program or martial arts program should take into account the athlete’s posture and start from there before getting into movements that may harm or injure the body.  The problem is that most martial arts instructors know nothing about how to fix bad posture or even what is bad posture.

Don’t leave it up to chance.  Do your own research.  After all it is your body and if you want to get the most out of it you will have to put the work into it.

If you are starting on any kind of fitness or martial arts program, learn about posture.  It is the one thing most great martial artists have in common.  Not style, not strength, not speed, they all differ in all of these categories, but the one thing most of them share is good posture.

Sunday Morning Distraction

Meditation Man

I woke up and decided to do some focus attention exercises.  I decided to just count my breath.  To keep my attention on my breathing.

I never made it to the number 10 without my thoughts going somewhere else.  Since I can normally do this one exercise for 15 minutes, less than 10 breaths was really bad.

I got up and did a quick 5 minute warm-up that we teach to all our students and one small breathing form that takes only 2 minutes.

I went back to the focused attention exercise, no problem.

Even the most basic exercises can help you stay focused.  In this case, less than 7 minutes.

But if I had not tried to keep my attention focused on my breath, I would of never knew how unfocused I was.

The benefit is that I am now focused and calm and awake!

Give it a try.  See how long you can count your breath before you are thinking of something else.  And yes it is normal for your mind to drift during this exercise, but if you lose focus completely and forget what number your on then you have to start again.  If you gently remind yourself to come back to your breath then that is fine.

Then get up and do some basic exercises.  Any kind will do.  Then come back to the focus drill and see how much better you do.

Train Often, Train Hard, Train Smart

Master Jones

Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Raps Up Speed Month

It has been a full month since we started our basic speed training.  For all the students that kept at it and made every class, Great Job!

I have seen results in most of the participants.  It is great when we get visible results so quickly.

Next month we will be working on accuracy.  We will be focusing on doing exercises and techniques 100% correctly.  I find the workouts to be a bit harder than speed training.  The reason is that you have to hold positions longer and you’re working your body in a completely different way.  It is not as aerobic but great for toning and posture.

February is a great time to get back into or start your training.  The classes will be very focused on proper technique and execution of martial arts movements.

Train Often, Train Hard, Train Smart

Master Jones

Flexibility and Martial Arts Training…Does it Work?

Just posted an article on how easy it is to get flexible if you do the right things while you train on our sister site.  It is not hard to get results but you do have to do the right things in the right order.  Once you figure out your warm-up and your focus areas, then it is all about movement.

Pendley before class stretching

Before Class


Pendley after stretching class

After Class

Take a look here at Flexibility and Martial Arts Training.

Train Often, Train Hard, Train Smart

Master Jones

Speed Month at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts

We have a little time left in the month to complete our speed training.  It can be frustrating for some of us that like the technique and the accuracy.  But speed is an important component of the art and needs to be understood and practiced.

We will clean up all the bad habits in February when we start on accuracy.  

During speed training someone asked how fast they should go, or how sloppy they should allow themselves to be.  You should be doing the movement in as much detail as you can get away with but you should be thinking of the move as a whole and not the parts that make up the whole.  Don’t lose the purpose of the technique for a speed.  Make the technique faster not worse.

You should be putting some pressure on yourself to go faster, but not so much that you are having a nervous breakdown.

Speed is just one part of the martial arts and should come after you have the technique down.   Don’t sacrifice good technique for speed.