How to Change your Attitude with Metaphors

Change your Mindset Change Your Attitude – Day 10

MetaphorsWe are now on day 10 of your positive attitude challenge 2.0.

We are working on making the world a better place by making us a better person.

Your attitude is one of the most important traits that determine your happiness and your success.  Have a good attitude and life is, well good.  Have a bad attitude and life is bad.

We have been talking about how to change your attitude fast.

The first part of all this attitude changing challenge was to get us to be aware of our attitudes.  How we think of ourselves and others.  What goes on in our heads as we go through the day.  Becoming self-aware.

Knowing where you are helps you plot a course to where we want to go.

Hopefully you are very aware of your thoughts and how they make your attitude.  And in the last couple of, posts we have talked about how to change your attitude fast.  It does not take years to build a better attitude.  At least it doesn’t have to.  You just have to work at it.

Today we will talk about another way to change your attitude fast.

Metaphors can motivate us to get things done.  They can also influence our attitude and our actions.

Metaphors are the pictures we make in our heads and can ignite our emotions and influence our actions.

For this reason we want to be aware of the metaphors that we use and how they may be shaping our attitudes.

You want to use the ones that empower you to action.

The type of metaphor you use can change your attitude very quickly.  So, if you want to make change pick better metaphors.  What might be a negative metaphor for you could motivate someone else.  You have to be the one that decides which ones work for you.

Think about these metaphors and how, if they were yours, you would act.

Business is war.

Life is a battle.

Only the strong survive.

It’s a dog eat dog world.

Up a stream without a paddle.

It’s your are them.

Time is our enemy

I think a person that uses those types of metaphors on a regular basis might not be as happy or as productive as they can be.  I can see using a few of them in certain situations to get a point across but if they are the way you think about life, well then I think there might be some need of some adjustment in your outlook.

Contrast the ones above with these.

Grab the bull by the horns.

Laughter is the music of the soul.

One step at a time.

What you give, you get.

The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.

The point is that the way you phrase things and how you make metaphors about situations can influence your attitude and your actions.  Why not take a little time and see if you can alter a few of the ones that are not working for you and see if you can find a better one.

Maybe business is war, but it also could be a chess match or a game.

Take a few minutes and write out your metaphors.  Take a good hard look at them.  Then, if you think it is appropriate change the more negative ones to more positive ones.  And see if your attitude changes along with them.

Because if you believe it really is a dog eat dog world, then everyone is a dog and that is not a world I choose to see.






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