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Enjoy Peace of Mind, Better Strength, and Health – Find Out How Today!

Fitness Group shotWould you like to enjoy peace of mind? Maybe you’d like to find a way to improve your strength and your health? What if I could offer all that to you! I can offer all that and more to you at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts

Imagine the incredible change in your life if you get to enjoy the following benefits:

      Better fitness

      Weight loss

      Peace of mind

      Relaxation and stress reduction

      Better coordination and flexibility

      A positive outlook on life

      Improved focus and clarity of mind

      Interacting with people that are positive and friendly

Many people have already enjoyed these benefits by attending the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts and you can enjoy them too.

Learn to Defend Yourself for Peace of Mind

While many people want to enjoy better health and fitness, many of our students also want to have the peace of mind knowing that they can defend themselves and the people that they love. Here you will learn real methods of self defense. You’ll find out that it is more than a few gymnastics and fancy kicks. We offer excellent self defense training that will work for you out on the street.

Not only will you learn the self defense skills to keep yourself and others safe, you learn important techniques that will help you prepare yourself mentally for defending yourself as well. In fact, you’ll develop a confidence in yourself that may keep you from even being preyed upon. The classes we provide offer the physical and mental training you need to develop confidence, wisdom, bravery and discipline needed to defend yourself.

Learn in a Top Facility with Excellent Instructors

Whethlobby 2er you want to learn kung fu, kempo, tai chi, karate, jujitsu, or another form or martial arts, with our program, you’ll be able to learn in a top facility with excellent instructors. At the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts you’ll find that we offer great programs, taught by excellent and qualified instructors, taught in excellent facilities.

You’ll get personal instruction, since our instructors focus on spending time with each student. 

You’ll be learning from the best as well. Our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching martial arts, providing you with the best instruction you’ll find in the area.

The environment offered at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts is one that you will enjoy. While much of the training is serious, you’ll have a lot of fun learning new techniques and practicing your training. We work to maintain a family atmosphere, and you’ll quickly become part of our martial arts family. In fact, you’ll find that we’re not a large franchise school, but one that is family owned, which means our main goal is to run a great academy.

Better Health, Longer Life, and More

As you take classes at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts, you’ll quickly find that our programs can help you achieve better health. These classes may even help you achieve a longer life. However, the big benefit is in how these classes make you feel today. It’s important that you enjoy life and feel great today.

We don’t just focus on self defense and better physical health and fitness, but we also focus on changing your mindset and your attitude.

We work on helping you become a more confident person and our goal is to help you maximize your well being.

Breathing ExercisesYou may be surprised to find that research backs up our claims of better health and well being when you get involved in the martial arts. Many studies have shown that practicing the martial arts can help to make positive mental changes that are greater than the changes that other physical activities can produce.

Practicing certain martial arts can even boost your immune system and help to lower stress levels. Lowering levels of stress is important, especially since more than 70% of doctors visits today are the result of stress.

When you’re learning and practicing martial arts, you’ll have the opportunity to alleviate some stress.Your classes are just for you – a great way to get away from everything else, focus on yourself, and allow some stress to slip away.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to enjoy when you begin training at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts.

From stress relief, to better fitness, to peace of mind knowing you can defend yourself, all these benefits can be enjoyed once you begin learning martial arts yourself.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re so sure you are going to enjoy all these benefits that we are offering a two week free trial. Yes, you can come in and enjoy a trial program for two weeks. You can try it out yourself and you’ll quickly know if this is the right martial arts program for you. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and a long list of benefits to gain.